Top free online tools for Teachers & Students

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The pandemic COVID-19 has deeply affected our day-to-day lives and the impact is evident on all businesses as well. Some organizations are struggling to manage their operations virtually while others are progressing more than ever.

The education (both online and offline) is among the progressing sectors, thriving beyond imagination. In the lockdown phase, the professionals and corporates are pursuing online courses while the schools and universities are conducting virtual classes. To ensure the continuity of the curriculum, UNESCO has listed free online tools for teachers and students –

ClassDojo – an interactive communication platform that helps teachers, students, and parents connect on a regular basis. This platform helps parents and teachers understand the day-to-day lessons taught in school and at home, respectively. The app helps them build close-community by sharing images, videos, and text messages.

Edmodo – also offers an interactive communication platform between teachers and the students. Through Edmodo, teachers can share content, assignments, quizzes, and also communicate with students and parents. This platform is available for students’ upto K-12 for free. However, Edmodo also offers some paid premium features.

EkStep is a non-profit literacy platform and an initiative of the EkStep Foundation. The application is a community of teachers, parents, learning facilitators, developers, and other professionals. EkStep’s primary goal is to make education and learning opportunities accessible to everyone.

Google Classroom allows the teachers to create, distribute and grade the assignments. The web service is freely available and also easily integrates other relevant Google products such as Google docs, sheets, slides, calendar and Gmail. The platform simplifies the process of sharing files between teachers and students.

In addition to these, the UNESCO has also listed some live-video communication platforms such as Hangouts meet, Skype, DingTalk, and so on.

The UN’s agency has recommended some of the following free self-directed learning content platforms including Khan Academy, Discovery Education, LabXchange, YouTube among the others.

In the free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) category, UNESCO has recommended Alison, edX, Udemy etc.

We hope our comprehensive list of free online tools simplifies your teaching and/ or learning experience.

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