Top 10 free online education providers

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With the advent of edutech the best online education is now available at your fingertips and at times even free. In this article, we will list out the all-time best websites that offer free online courses.

Udemy has a well-established presence across globe with over 57,000 tutors teaching courses in more than 65 languages.  The platform is used by as many as 50 million students benefiting from free as well as paid courses. Additionally, Udemy allows the content creators to develop their own courses and impart training online.

Khan Academy has partnered with several schools and offers free online classes for students from kindergarten through early college. This platform offers online courses in mathematics, grammar, science, history, and so on. Khan Academy’s mission is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” The founding partners of this not-for-profit platform are Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google among the others

edX has curated courses from several schools and offers the free online education under one-roof. Similar to Khan Academy, edX is also a not-for-profit edutech platform. edX, MOOC provider,  was founded by  Harvard and MIT, and is used globally. The portal runs on the free Open edX open-source software platform and offers wide range of topics for free.

Coursera was founded in 2012 by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller (Stanford professors). Since then it has been offering massive open online courses globally. The platform offers both free and paid courses in several subjects including engineering, data science, computer science, machine learning among the others.

Codeacademy – If you want learn coding, this is the apt platform for you. This portal offers free coding courses in 12 different programming languages. Besides this, Codeacademy also offers a paid version “Pro” which enhances your access to personalized learning plans, realistic projects and also quizzes.

Open Culture Online Courses – This platform offers several online courses from the top universities across globe. The advantage is that rather than searching on each university’s website offers all free courses in one place. The website offers courses from as many as 1500 universities including Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Oxford among the others. Open Culture free courses cover a wide-range of subjects such as history, philosophy and literature, psychology, physics, biology and computer science. In case you are looking for a certificate or credentials, you will have to opt for their paid option.

TED-Ed is another excellent platform for enhancing your knowledge through intriguing video content, for free. The best part of this portal is that they offer original animated videos which are created by teachers around the world. As many as 250,000 teachers impart training to millions of students through TED-Ed. These videos are combined with supplemental material and questions which are referred as TED-Ed lessons.

Alison – Founded by a social entrepreneur, Mike Feerick, this platform offers free courses for professionals and employees. Alison primarily targets the blue-collar or similar learners to enhance their qualifications for better future prospects. The not-for-profit portal offers certificate, diploma and learning path level courses in nine subjects.

Academic Earth was launched with an aim of providing world-class education to all. This platform offers open courses from different universities on a wide range of topics. Their dedicated team selects the best courses on the respective topic/ subjects. Academic Earth is considered as a search engine for text and video-based scholarly information. The subject disciplines include Mathematics, Medicine, Law, Statistics, Biology, Computer Science, Engineering among the others.

In addition to these, you may also consider massive open courses offered by different universities such as Stanford Online, Harvard Extension, Open Yale Courses, UC Berkeley Class Central, MIT OpenCourseWare, Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative. Besides video courses, you can also opt for podcasts offered by University of London Podcasts, and University of Oxford Podcasts.

To sum up, if you couldn’t attend a top B-school or an IIT, you still have the chance to attain your dream job at your dream company.

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