[Founder Story] NoSchool.app : Innovative Upskilling, the Way Forward

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Albert Einstein, the renowned scientist, has said, “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education”. This holds even today when we see scores of educated graduates from colleges and universities holding degrees but, without the requisite skills to go ahead in life. This is because the gap between theory or rote learning and practical knowledge is vast. As a consequence, jobs and employment opportunities slip through their fingers like grains of sand.

Many online academies attempt to close this gap by inviting professors from different universities to conduct sessions on the World Wide Web. However, there is only a shift from physical classes to online lessons in these cases. The syllabus and books remain the same and an additional piece of paper is added to the file of certificates. The student gains little in terms of honing their skill sets.

NoSchool.app has come up with an innovative solution to this problem. For the right balance between theoretical, practical, and life skills, they invite experts from the industry to impart training on respective topics. These passionate corporate professionals record their Do’s and don’ts, give insights into the strategies they follow in their field, and also highlight tips and techniques. This facilitates the proper upskilling of a student.  Learning from the experience of experts, they are better prepared for jobs and careers. All this is done for a cost of only 1$ per course. As Venu Somineni, founder of NoSchool says, “We are bringing together quality, effectiveness, and price thus, adding value for all the stakeholders.”

Elaborating more on the model that this edutech startup works on, Mr. Venu adds that recording the sessions is only a onetime effort for the professionals that can be done during their spare time. These professionals earn 60% ($0.60) every time a student opts for their course.

The students can download the app and see a trailer of the courses before joining. They can also post reviews that can be accessed by others. Thus, they know exactly what to expect from a particular course. They can then focus on assimilating knowledge and bridging the gap.

Today, around 22,000 CEO’s, VP’s, and Middle Management Professionals have come together to offer their expertise in areas covering software, design, business development, marketing, business analysis, project management, health and wellness, career guidance, etc.

With NoSchool, Mr. Venu intends to effectively bridge the gap for students, hone their skills, and prepare them for a career and life.  He adds, “India has a plethora of talent. This needs to be sharpened to fit into the industrial setting”. He further envisages that this will help in the growth of industries and consequently the economy of the country. His plans include extending this service to students in Southeast Asia and the Middle East too at a price point at 1$ per course.

Mr. Venu is an author and a renowned public speaker who has also motivated students at Harvard. He believes that NoSchool has charted the way forward for the right up-skilling of students ensuring that they learn and imbibe knowledge from experts who are passionate about their fields.

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