Do’s & Don’ts to Optimize Virtual Learning

The pandemic has led to the urgent and accelerated use of online platforms, applications, and other technological tools to continue the teaching and learning process in educational institutions. Online education has opened a plethora of opportunities for students, professionals, and educators alike. It is a vital pillar to propel our country to growth on the foundation of education and knowledge. But with the vast potential and flexibility of these platforms, also comes the potential for unintended errors and missteps in online interactions.

Virtual education necessitates that children learn how to communicate and conduct themselves online. It has become a life skill, and knowing how to ace a digital interview and shine in a virtual interaction could well be the edge in helping an aspirant secure a coveted leadership role, get into the college of their dreams, or land their first internship or job. The world needs communicators and collaborators, and this new mode of digital communication is here to stay.

In such cases, it is imperative for online learners to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge to put their best foot forward in their online interactions and interviews. After all, the objective of education – whether online or offline – is to encourage students to learn, unlearn, overcome mistakes, and find the motivation to become lifelong learners. Isolation, lack of preparation and participation, and technical barriers can make online learning tedious and uninteresting. Digital learning requires certain etiquettes which students can either welcome with grace and humor or can resist, at their own expense. The onus lies not just with the educator to streamline the system, but also with students to find the desire and motivation to adapt, to extract ideal results.

Online interview platforms like Xtraview are paving a path to transform the education infrastructure into a more robust and agile system. They are committed to not only educating students but also empowering students and fast-tracking their careers to growth. Xtraview endeavors to give every student an equal, unbiased opportunity to seize their dreams and succeed. Through curated workshops like Xtraprep, which prepares students to upskill themselves so they can effectively communicate in digital interactions, Xtraview helps students build their confidence and enhance their interpersonal skills. To pave a path towards future growth, Xtraprep’s team of expert communicators provides students with structured feedback bringing alive their strengths, weaknesses, and way to enhance their skillsets to make their personality outshine during a digital interview.

Digital communication is here to stay. As we march towards evolution, the ability to embrace new technology and best practices will be the differentiating factor that sets us apart in this competitive landscape.

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